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Change4Life Champions

We would like to introduce our new Craneswater Change4Life Champions. These are a group of Year 5 children who have successfully completed their training for the new role. Change4Life Champions will replace our Sports Mentors from previous years.
Change4Life is the Government initiative that aims to improve diet and fitness. The campaign is supported by the Department of Health and intends to target diet and fitness in a very hands-on, positive way, by instilling healthy eating and exercise habits into people from a young age. The idea is that good eating habits formed early on in life will be carried forwards into adulthood.
In school, our Change4Life  Champions will be running physical activity sessions for Year 3 children at lunchtimes. Change4Life Champions will also be:

  •  Promoting healthy lifestyles
  •  Offering advice and support about healthy snack choices in school
  •  Encouraging a positive attitude towards physical activity
  •  Writing reviews and updates for the newsletter or website

‘A Healthy School is a Happy School’ – CJS Change4Life Champs

Goldsmith's Sports Day 

The whole school took part in Sports Day at Craneswater Junior School. We were very lucky to have the Priory Sports Leaders to help us as well as our Pompey in the Community coaches and  
Craneswater Year 5 more