Sports News

There has been a fantastic wealth of opportunities for children across the school to compete in a wide variety of competitions and tournaments.  As you will see from the timetable below, there will be even more chances to represent the school in the Summer Term. Our thanks go to all of the staff who give up their time to transport and supervise the children, especially Mrs. Mulcahy for coordinating the different events but also to the children, who always represent the school brilliantly and constantly strive to give their very best performance.

Cheer Off 2016:  Mrs. Nzegwu asked for two coaches from the Phoenix cheer team to come into school and teach us a routine. A group of Year 5s and 6s went to the Mountbatten Centre to perform the routine they had been practising over the last few weeks. We continually practised the routine until it was perfect and we were ready for the festival.

We set off for the festival and as we got closer, we got more nervy and excited. We went inside to rehearse our routine over and over again. When it came to our performance, we smashed it! We got a trophy and a medal and came 2nd overall. We all want to say a massive thank you to all our supporters and to Mrs. Nzegwu for being there for  us.                                                                                                                                                                                
Lucy White 6S Athletics:  On Friday 18th March, 24 year 4 children went to the Mountbatten Centre to take part in an athletics competition. There were events such as sprinting, hurdling, relays, throwing and jumping. Some people demonstrated the events and then we tried to do the exact thing.  We were all checking our teammates.  They added up the scores and they did their calculations wrong. They thought St. Swithins were third when Craneswater came  third! 

Archie Vaughn 4N Tag Rugby Tournament: Recently, Craneswater participated in a tag rugby tournament which included pupils from 6M, 6S, and 5S.  Craneswater had a rough start losing their first match 4-1.  In the second game, Craneswater drew2-2.  In the third and fourth games, the whole team performed well so that both games were wins! In the end, Craneswater came 3rd in their group and 5th overall. 

Blakely Ward Garside 6M Craneswater recently went to a tag rugby tournament on United Services’ pitches. Our team consisted of two player from Year 5 called Danny Jones and Johno Pemberton and six Year 6s: Sam Hart, Isabel Slack, Blakeley Ward-Garside, Kai Birch, Bjorn Willis and Nathan de Beer.  Our first game was a big upset with a 4 – 1 defeat.  We were happy to not lose our second game with a 2-2 draw. Our two final results were amazing: we won 2-1 and 3-2.               

Bjorn Willis 6M Rio Multi-sport Event: A group of us went to the Mountbatten Centre and learnt how to play Boccia. It was pretty good because one time, I threw my red ball right next to the white ball, so I won a point for our team. We came away with silver medals!                                                                                                                              

Dylan Luckins 5C Year 4 – 5 Football League: Owen O’Neil, George Bannister, Danny Jones, Jayden Gearing, Leo Parkes, Sullivan Goodwin, Kaden Bokome, Amadou Jallow, Alfie Cole, Roscoe Morgan, Daniel Wilson and Jack Jones participated in the football league.  At Roko, we came 3rd out of 10 teams and played well. Our record was 12 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses. However, every team that beat us, in our second match against them we redeemed ourselves by winning against four of them and drawing against one.

We really enjoyed the league and had lots of fun competing against other schools. Overall, we played really good football and had great teamwork.

Also the support from the parents gave us a lot of pride and kept us motivated until the very end. So all thanks to them. We also need to thank Mr. Dugan for taking us and managing us into our brilliant winning streak.

We’re really excited for hopefully playing more football in the summer term and having more fun! We capped the season off by winning every game, including an 8 – 1 victory!