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Design Technology

Our vision for design and technology is for every child to experience and develop the practical skills that they may need in their everyday life.

Each year group will have design projects that enable them to research, explore, design and make a range of products using sewing, woodworking, paper and cooking skills. Additionally, some projects link the practical aspect to computing using computer aided design and control technology programmes.

Skills are revisited and built upon as children move up through the school, ensuring consolidation and progression throughout the key stage.


Year 3



Packaging nets


Making boxes for Egyptian artefacts


Skills: planning for a purpose, designing, measuring, cutting and joining




Healthy sandwiches


Designing and making sandwiches


Skills: spreading, cutting and grating, planning a healthy lunch




Photo frames


Designing and making a product for a chosen user


Skills: measuring, sawing, sanding and joining, problem solving

Year 5





Design and make a belt


Skills: planning for a purpose, making prototypes, using a wider variety of stitches, using a fastener and adapting designs




Moving Toys


Make a moving toy


Skills: Understanding cam mechanisms, designing a simple moving toy, measuring, sawing, sanding and joining, problem solving and evaluating




Making Pizza


Skills: Understanding healthy options, kneading, mixing, rolling, slicing, grating and baking

Year 4



Food / healthy eating


Making healthy lunches


Skills: Slicing, grating, cutting, peeling, sauté simmering and baking






Creating a light using a circuit


Skills: problem solving and planning for a purpose, accurate measuring, cutting and joining




Money containers


Developing designing and sewing skills


Skills: planning for a purpose, making prototypes, using a variety of stitches, using a fastener

Year 6



Milkman’s wallet


Skills: Follow instructions,  measure accurately and joining materials



Cook a Mayan meal


Skills: Understand seasonality; where and how ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed; budgeting and adapting recipes; further develop accurate cooking skills.


Christmas textiles


Design, sew and evaluate a decoration for the tree.


Skills: Develop a range of sewing techniques; choose specific stitches for a purpose.




Computer controlled product


Fairground rides


Skills: Construct and evaluate Use control technology Computer technologies to control motors and pulleys

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