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We want to foster a love of languages at an early age and for our learners to be confident to communicate in a foreign language. To enable this we have a clear focus on communicative activities.

We develop language that they may need to take part in a conversation with a French speaker and focus on constantly practising speaking and listening skills. The children are encouraged to build words into sentences and develop role plays. They often enjoy using our French puppets to help.

Over time, the children are exposed to written French and move from reading a few key words to longer pieces of text. We encourage them to make links between French and English grammar by identifying similarities and differences.

By using a variety of DVDs an CDs of native speakers the children are exposed to accurate pronunciation and develop an awareness of the culture of France. We encourage the children to practise their language skills regularly whether by answering the register in French or following simple classroom requests.

We hope many of our children will choose to study languages at secondary school.


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