Here at Craneswater, we aim for all children to access a wide range of musical opportunities, in order to develop their musical creativity, confidence and love of music. We believe that all children can be musicians! 

Pupils at Craneswater enjoy weekly whole school singing assemblies that cover a range of songs, styles and themes. Throughout the key stage, our children listen and reflect on different pieces of music; explore different aspects of music such as pitch, rhythm and timbre; use simple notation; explore the social and cultural meaning of music; perform, compose and evaluate simple pieces of music and create a whole year group performance.


At Craneswater, the following instrumental and vocal lessons are on offer in small group classes:

Guitar, keyboard, singing, ukulele, violin, woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone) and brass (trumpet and others). Instrumental teachers prepare regular pupil performances throughout the year to which parents are invited.


Whenever possible, our pupils participate in music workshops, live music performances and concerts.

Pupils at Craneswater got together with other pupils from across the city to celebrate Ceilidh Week. You can watch the highlights in the Portsmouth Music Hub video and photo gallery below. Well done to all the pupils involved for their fantastic contribution to the event!

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Year 3



Ancient worlds


Musical focus: structure, explore 20th century minimalist music inspired by the Egyptians, arrange and perform a layered piece of music

Cross-curricular link: History



Performance - Easter production


Musical focus: ensemble singing increasing confidence, understand the religious meaning


Cross curricular link: RE



Class orchestra


Musical focus: Explore melodic phrases and rhythm, considering intended effect of music


Cross-curricular link: Geographical locations

Year 5



Performance - Christmas production

Musical focus: ensemble singing with confidence and precision, develop an understanding of the
context of music


Cross curricular link: RE


Listening - Solar System

Musical focus: understand how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together, improvisation, appraisal of music and historical context

Composer link: Gustav Holst

Cross-curricular link: Science



Composition - At the movies

Musical focus: social and cultural meaning of music, history and context, lyric writing and song structure, compose and evaluate

Cross-curricular link: Literacy

Year 4


Performance - Harvest production

Musical focus: ensemble singing with
confidence, performance appraisal


Cross-curricular link: RE



Environment unit

Musical focus: understand timbre, evaluate music, compose a short piece

Cross curricular link: Science



Pitch - Around the world

Musical focus: pitch, follow simple notation,explore pentatonic melodies and syncopated rhythms, learn that the dimensions of music are the same across the world

Cross-curricular link: Geography

Year 6




Musical focus: perform in an ensemble, play an instrument with increasing accuracy, fluency/control, beat & syncopation, rhythm
skills & notation (chords)




Musical focus: perform as ensemble with full confidence and precision, listen with attention to detail, recall sounds with increasing aural memory, improvise & compose

Cross-curricular link: Literacy



Composers - Einaudi

Musical focus: Research a great composer, appreciation of historical context, developing a deeper understanding of the history and context of music.

Performance - Leavers

Musical focus: ensemble singing with
confidence and precision, develop an
understanding of the context of music
Cross-curricular link: PSHE