As the world is becoming more and more digital, the computing curriculum and computer skills in general are becoming more vital for our children.  

The national curriculum states that children at key stage 2 (7-11) should have the chance to design, write and debug programs as well as use repetition and logical reasoning to explain how algorithms work. All these statements are encompassed in coding and at Craneswater we use the programming tools such as ‘Scratch’ and ‘2code’ to facilitate these objectives. Children have the opportunity to develop games and animations and some even have the chance to join coding club whereby they have extra opportunities to enhance their coding ability and become more of an ‘expert’ coder.

Understanding how to search safely online and knowing the reliability of things online is also a crucial part of the curriculum. Through software such as purple mash, we explain to children that not everything is correct online and we teach them how to search for specific things safely. As well as this, children get the chance to use a variety of software to accomplish different goals including publishing, analysing and presenting data.  


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In regards to e-safety, the national curriculum statements state; children should be able to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. They should also recognise the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online as well as know where to go to when reporting concerns.

Here at Craneswater, we teach the children to be SMART and follow these rules when thinking about staying safe online and using the internet.

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With the constant change in apps and with the introduction of smartphones and tablets much earlier, staying safe online can have extra pressures and can bring more anxiety for parents and carers. We hope that parents and carers can continue to work closely with the school to embed these SMART rules at home as well as making the time to talk together about online safety and how to use the internet safely.

Please find some information below in regards to parenting in a digital world and also some key website links on this page. These links can provide information about how to set controls on devices such as ipads and smartphones and can give some top tips to keep children safe online.