A new curriculum for mathematics was introduced in 2014 where greater expectations as to outcomes were placed on the children across all year groups to include a new format of testing at the end of year 6.

Whist the main topic areas have remained fairly consistent the 4 main focus areas within these have been concentrated on the following>

ARITHMETIC- Use of the 4 main calculation methods including fractions, decimals and percentages

FLUENCY- Skills to be completely embedded in the minds of children through regular and consistent practise

PROBLEM SOLVING- Where the learnt skills are applied to problems and everyday maths scenarios

REASONING- Skills are applied and children are explaining their processes or thinking skills or using them in alternative ways

Underpinning all these 4 main focus areas is the ‘MASTERY in MATHEMATICS’ philosophy where we expect all children to gain access and succeed in the maths curriculum of their individual year groups.


Our whole school focus is to master and apply knowledge of our times tables up to and including 12 x 12

 School Calculation Policy

SATS Example Questions 

Maths Ideas for Support at Home

Maths Progression Map Across Year 3 to 6