Our vision:

“At Craneswater, all children will become resilient, fluent mathematicians with an ability to tackle problem solving.”

Our key principles:
• All children can learn to do maths.
• Fluency, Reasoning and problem solving are embedded within each of our units across all year groups.
• Children are supported in their understanding through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract.

What does maths typically look like at Craneswater?
• Children are taught within mixed ability classes by their class teacher.
• Lessons begin with ‘fluency starters’ that encourage children to develop their mental strategies. They explore efficiency and discuss different ways of working things out.
• Concrete manipulatives are available in every classroom and are accessible for children to use as directed or independently.
• Children can choose their starting points in lessons and are able to move themselves on if they feel they are able to do something. Children complete 5 questions that are similar and are then challenged in more depth.
• Challenges are readily available for children to move onto at their discretion or as directed by the class teacher or teaching assistant.
• Children are encouraged to use the correct mathematical vocabulary and use their reasoning skills when answering questions. They are also encouraged to explain their rationale in tackling problems.
• Through their time at the school, children will develop their written calculation methods in line with the Calculation Policy.
• Additional time, outside of lessons, is given to teaching and learning multiplication facts. Children complete regular times tables assessments which are differentiated and aim to improve their score over time.
• Children enjoying maths and engaged in what they are doing.


Maths Overview

School Calculation Policy

SATS Example Questions 

Maths Ideas for Support at Home

Maths Progression Map