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Sensory and physical

Sensory and physical needs cover a range of areas including visual and/or hearing impairment, sensory processing difficulties or physical difficulties. This area of need can also include difficulties with fine and gross motor skills.

These pupils may have a medical or genetic condition that could lead to difficulties with:   

  • Specific medical conditions  

  • Gross/ fine motor skills  

  • Visual / hearing impairment  

  • Accessing the curriculum without adaptation  

  • Physically accessing the building(s) or equipment  

  • Over sensitivity to noise / smells / light / touch / taste (sensory processing difficulties)  

  • Toileting / self-care  

Useful activities and resources


Useful documents

GROSS ( – schools therapy pack gross motor skills part 1

section-4a-developing-gross-motor-skills-part-2.pdf ( - schools therapy pack gross motor skills part 2

FINE ( – schools therapy pack fine motor skills

SENSORY ( – schools therapy pack sensory differences and challenges

HANDWRITING ( – schools therapy pack handwriting

Early Intervention for Sensory Differences - The OT Toolbox

Craneswater’s one minute guide to SPD

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