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As the world is becoming more digital, the use of computers and other technology has never been so important and vital for our children. They are growing up around computers, mobiles and tablets and these devices are becoming a very important part of their daily lives. In order for children to succeed with this technology, feel confident with it and learn both its positive uses and its dangers, they need to learn and engage with the computing national curriculum.

At Craneswater we facilitate the computing curriculum by teaching through a platform called Purple Mash.  This online space hosts a wide range of curriculum-focused activities, creative tools, programs and games to support learning. Through this, the children are exposed to the three key strands of computing (digital literacy, computer science and information technology) and throughout their time at Craneswater are exposed to a variety of units that hit the key stage 2 national curriculum objectives.

Alongside the use of Purple Mash, children are also given the chance to learn how to use search engines to research, use common computer programs such as Word and PowerPoint to support their understanding and are encouraged to be SMART when using technology. 

Computing Overview


In regard to e-safety, the national curriculum states;

Children should be able to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. They should also recognise the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online as well as know where to go to when reporting concerns.

Here at Craneswater, we teach the children to be SMART and follow these rules throughout every computing lesson. Each year we reiterate these five core principles to e-safety as part of our PSHE autumn planning and continue to reference them throughout the year. Alongside this, each year we participate in Safer Internet Day in February where we complete specific tasks in relation to a theme. For more information visit                           .

With constant changes to technology, sometimes it is hard to keep up to date with the new apps, games and online crazes. Staying safe online can provide pressure at home and can bring more anxiety for children, parents and carers. At home it is important to stay SMART too. In order to do this, clear rules and routines should be set for children when using technology. We hope that parents and carers can continue to work closely with the school to embed these SMART rules at home as well as making the time to talk together about online safety and how to use the internet safely.

Parental Support

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