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At Craneswater the art curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and challenge pupils.  Beyond creating, pupils have the opportunity to appreciate artworks from cave paintings to the work of contemporary artists.  Pupils are encouraged to talk about art, using the language of art and design, and understand its historical and cultural context. Our curriculum reflects and celebrates diversity and cultural differences. Pupils learn to question, evaluate and analyse. On leaving Craneswater, pupils understand that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art and that art is accessible for all.

Each year group completes drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and printing and units.  Skills are re-visited and built upon as the children progress through the school ensuring continuity and progression throughout the key stage.

Every child has their own art journal. The journals are used to explore ideas and practice new skills. Completed journals  show exploratory work as well as photos of 3D pieces, reference notes and collage, printing and textile examples.

When the journals are full to bursting, the children are able to take them home and keep as a record of their achievements.

Whilst meeting lesson objectives, the children are encouraged to approach activities freely in order to encourage confidence, independence and creative flare.

We regularly participate in art related competitions and work alongside established creative organisations.

Can you spot the original artwork in these year five landscape paintings?

Art Overview

Year 5 photography inspired by urban artist Roy's People. His work combines miniature figures, photography and the streets to create a miniature world beneath our feet. What narratives do these photos tell? Are there clues in the titles?

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