PSHE is ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education’. Through PSHE lessons at Craneswater, children are able to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives – both now and in the future.

Our PSHE topics include:

  • Anti-bulling week

  • Staying safe

  • Drugs and alcohol awareness

  • Healthy lifestyles

  • Money management

  • Citizenship

  • Poverty

  • Sex and relationships education

Through these lessons we aim for children to develop the qualities and attributes needed to thrive as individuals, family members and positive members of society.


Year 3

Autumn 1


Vision and values

Rules and responsibilities

Code of conduct


Hand washing


Being a good friend

Understanding what makes a good friend

Understanding how to work cooperatively


Autumn 2



Link to anti-bullying week Understanding what bullying is Developing strategies for dealing with bullying




Building Relationships

Investigating our feelings Understanding the consequences of our actions

Taking responsibility for our choices Understanding how to make other people feel positive and happy




Different People in the UK Understanding similarities and differences between groups of people


Race and ethnicity

Different families

Celebrating our differences

Gender identity

Year 5

Autumn 1


Vision and values 

Establishing rules and routines Understanding how to stay safe on the internet

How to stay safe in school

Concepts of life skills

Growth Mindset


Autumn 2



What is bullying?

Different types of bullying (including cyber, racial and homophobic)

Why people might become bullies Establishing a system for dealing with any bullying problems




Rights of the child 

Differences between wants and needs

Conventions of the right of the child Empathy

Rights of the child in different countries


Summer 1


Money (Crosscurricular maths) 

Cost of living

How to manage a budget

Wages – tax, NI etc

Understand the terms debt and credit


Summer 2

Sex and relationships 

Focus on keeping clean and body changes

Body Image

Year 4

Autumn 1


Vision and values

Internet safety

Establishing rules and routines

How to stay safe in school

Recognising and dealing with emotions


Autumn 2


What is bullying?

How victims feel Role of bystanders Preventing bullying



Citizenship and British values

What makes a good citizen?

Our role in the community Understanding democracy

Being an active citizen

Visit to Lord Mayor and Council Chambers


Summer 1


Effects of drugs and alcohol Difference between medicine and drugs

Effects of smoking

Effects of alcohol

Peer pressure and decision making


Summer 2

Road safety

The Highway Code

The Green Cross Code Understanding the dangers of city traffic

Taking responsibility for our own safety

Year 6

Autumn 1


Vision and Values

ICT safety

Rules and Routines

Setting goals

Health and safety


SMSC – Individual liberty, mutual respect


Autumn 2


Anti- Bullying


Safe use of the internet

Individual responsibility

SMSC – Cultural and British values



Life in a different country

Send my friend to school

SMSC- Social, individual liberty & tolerance




Drugs education

Smoking, Drinking, Legal/Illegal Drugs

Health implications

Peer pressure

Legalities and consequences


SMSC – Moral, Respect of Law


Summer 1


Sex Education

Different types of relationships Changes to the body

How babies are made

How babies are born


Summer 2




Preparing for secondary school


SMSC – Spiritual

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