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School Meals

School meals are provided through Caterlink


Meals cost £2.50 per day and should be paid for in advance.  There will be the option of a Meat or Vegetarian choice and there will also be freshly cooked jacket potatoes with a filling each day as an alternative.


We would appreciate if you could pre order your child’s meals on your SCOPay account but if you are unable to, they will be able to request their choice with their teacher during registration.  If you have pre-ordered and your child is absent from school you will need to cancel your order on SCOPay. If you have missed the deadline then please ask us to cancel the meal when you report your child’s absence on Studybugs.


Please ensure school dinners are ordered by 9:30am. After this time, a packed lunch will need to be provided.


If your child has a food allergy and you would like them to be catered for, please let us know and we can issue the relevant paperwork necessary to get meals arranged. All applications need to be verified by your child's GP.


Free School Meals

If you are or think you may be entitled to free school meals, please make sure you complete the application form below and send it to the Local Authority who will notify us of your entitlement.  This is a worthwhile exercise even if your child is not likely to have school dinners as the school receives an amount of money, 'Pupil Premium', to spend on supporting achievement.  When you register you will also be entitled to a free Sweatshirt or Cardigan and reduced fees for music lessons should your child wish to partake.  

To Apply online use this link - 

 Free School Meal Application Form

Special Diet Menu Application Form


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