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(RRS) Ready Respectful Safe

'All teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs.' 

Mission Statement

SEND Provision at Craneswater Junior School

Craneswater Junior School is committed to providing an inclusive curriculum for all, regardless of need or ability, which will enable children to flourish. We work hard to address the needs of the whole child, to ensure that our children are healthy, safe, challenged, engaged, and supported. Building positive relationships with all children is our priority as this ensures that they have the building blocks to empower them to become lifelong learners.

In order to fulfill this vision we are committed to:

  • identifying and assessing pupils with SEN as early and thoroughly as is possible

  • ensuring full access and entitlement to high-quality education, which is broad and balanced

  • fully involve children, parents, and staff through a graduated approach of ‘assess, plan, do, and review’

  • ensuring that all children are fully involved in the life of the school

  • ensuring that all children are involved in decision-making which affects them

If you would like to know more about our SEND provision or have any questions regarding your own child please speak to Miss Wilkinson, our SENCo. 




Our SEN Policy and Information Report is available by clicking HERE

Accessibility Plan

For further information, please contact:


Dave Jones - Headteacher and Designated Officer for Safeguarding Children

Harriet Wilkinson - SENCO Inclusion Manager

Amy Bird - Governors with responsibility for inclusion

Our Parental Support page contains further information about services available within the city to support families.

Video about Portsmouth’s local offer page

Portsmouth SENDIASS – Special Educational Needs & Disability Information Advice & Support Service

Please see the Portsmouth authority local offer page

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