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After School Clubs

At Craneswater, we run a wide range of clubs for children to participate in. There is a good mix of sports, computing and creative clubs. These clubs are run by both staff and by external agencies. Clubs may vary throughout the year based on the season or availability. When a club is about to start or there are available spaces, letters will be sent out to the appropriate year group. If your child would like to join SAMA Karate, please contact 07747 393139 and they will be able to assist you.
If a club is cancelled parents will usually be notified via text message.



Music Lessons

We are lucky to have a very able group of music teachers from The Portsmouth Music Hub and Hampshire Music, who are enthusiastic and who work well with our pupils.  The lessons taught during our school day are Guitar, Keyboard, Woodwind, Brass, Violin, Ukulele & Voice.  At a cost of £60.00 or £35.00 for those who are receiving income support per term, this is extremely good value as private lessons can cost upwards of £20.00 per hour. If your child is interested in learning an instrument, please email Mrs Jane Highcock at

If your child is starting music tuition, they will require their own instrument.  This can be hired termly or yearly via the music service.  Visit to find out more information.

Music Lesson Timetable

Spring timetable website.png
Spring timetable website 2.png
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